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offers full complex of service to work with bankruptcy projects with taking into account specific character of every case. Our specialists have impressive experience measured by court battles in more than 500 court disputes – on the side of creditors as well as defending debtors.

Sometimes bankruptcy is the only possible way out of crisis situation so support services gain wide popularity. In low market liquidity circumstances when to sell the company at profitable price is impossible the procedure of bankruptcy allows to solve a number of financial-economic, legal and tax problems. Bankruptcy law is a universal instrument for legal defense of business against unconscientious creditors, for recovery of borrower’s debt and civilized liquidation of a company.

The work concept of RCT specialists is based on overall analysis of documents, modeling and estimation of possible scenarios of development of situation and choosing the most advantageous strategy of behavior for the client.
Services offered by RCT company in the area of bankruptcy:
  • designing plan of measures to prevent bankruptcy;
  • complex estimation of legal position and financial condition of the debtor;
  • preparation and submission of bankruptcy notice (from debtor and creditor);
  • complex support of bankruptcy procedure;
  • monitoring of legitimacy of actions of insolvency official;
  • counteraction against inclusion of unwanted and/or unwanted creditors into the list of creditors’ demands;
  • participation in meetings and committees of creditors, court hearings;
  • appeal of actions or inaction of insolvency official;
  • annulment of suspicious transactions of debtors;
  • lodging complaints against conclusion on absence of signs of deliberate bankruptcy;
  • rendering assistance in arranging sale of debtor’s property;
  • bringing participants/shareholders/executives of debtor to subsidiary responsibility.