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The mission of RCT is relevant and effective legal defense of interests and assets of our clients!

Our work is based on four most important principles:


High level of knowledge, experience of specialists and project managers combined with strong corporate spirit and sense of responsibility give us the right to call ourselves professionals. The company cares about constant upgrade of qualification of its stuff.

Complex approach

Our work in the interests of clients always includes:

  • modeling of possible outcomes at all stages of a project;
  • analysis of risks, deadlines, economic and social factors;
  • research of law matters and their correlation with current situation and practices.


The key to successful realization of projects often suggests prompt decision making and execution. In RCT, company time is an asset and its waste is not allowed.

Mutual respect

We do care about opinions of clients, partners and opponents, their inner beliefs, religious and political views, feelings and emotional state. By using this principle we significantly increase efficiency of our work creating comfortable conditions for all participants of the process.