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Leasing companies

We represented interests of a leasing company during bankruptcy procedure of an enterprise-leaseholder (Ural region of the Russian Federation). Measures were developed and implemented to safeguard the leased property owned by the company. Actions of investors to retain the property that was not included into bankruptcy estate were blocked. We provided and supported negotiation process on buying out the leased property on conditions meeting the interests of the leaseholder.

While did the complex legal analysis of problematic debt of a Western leasing company and detected scheme of illegal retaining of its property by a third party. Specialists of our company prepared and successfully implemented effective measures for stopping the illegal retaining and returning the property of the leasing company.

RCT employees consulted a client – a manufacturer of rolled metal products on the issue of extension of credit lines opened to the company in several banks. Following the negotiations with creditors we managed to settle an agreement on issue of syndicated loan for repayment of current debt thus avoiding initiation of bankruptcy proceedings and alienation of the fixed productive assets of the client.

RCT employees undertook a complex of measures aimed at recovery of overdue payment of regional manufacturer of building materials to a large foreign bank. For minimization of risks of preferential satisfaction of demands of the client before other creditors RCK specialists managed to gain control over the bankruptcy procedure of the debtor.