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RCT is one of the leading Russian law firms specializing in anti-crisis management, bankruptcy issues and optimization of business processes. We are successful because we combine deep knowledge in jurisprudence with vast experience in economics.

Our mission is to provide relevant and efficient legal defense of interests and assets of our clients.

Panasenko Aleksandermanaging partner Kovalenko Paveldirector of juridical department Kravtsova Yelenadirector of corporate law department Pikulev Andreydirector of anti-crisis department Shilkova Olgasenior lawyer Bublikov Vladimirpartner

The success of our clients

is the best proof of our quality.

Thanks to our efforts, Sberbank of Russia OAO has taken full control of bankruptcy procedure of one of the largest production companies (borrowings in amount of RUB 4 bln. roubles). During the work we have developed and implemented a plan to restore a company’s solvency and launched the production process with foreign investors` involvement.

We provide a full cycle of the project management related to corporate debt recovery for UniCreditBank ZAO. We have a portfolio of non-performing loans of the Bank in amount of more than 1 bln. roubles under our management control.

We provide comprehensive consulting support of corporate debt recovery procedure in different regions of Russia for VTB24 ZAO.

Global approach, local solutions

We offer full cycle services and find solutions that suit every client in the optimal way with taking into account particularities of every situation.


Research of client's situation:

  • deep and overall analysis of business and situation;
  • establishing goals of the client.

Development of system of measures aimed at long-term optimal effect:

  • reorganization;
  • optimization of business;
  • bankruptcy.

Realization and control

Consecutive implementation, control and corrections of the adopted decisions.



Constant support of the client's business.

Formula of quality is a formula of success

  • Reliability
    and ethics
  • Personal
  • Investments in personnel development

We keep undertaken responsibilities, provide results at all stages of the project and constantly estimate reputational, financial, legal and other risks of the client.

Every client is supervised by a senior partner of the company.

The power of our company is in its staff. Quality of our service directly depends on qualification level of our specialists. We constantly work on increasing the level of our staff raising their efficiency to perfection.